As an international Filipino artist , this album features all my personal masterpieces. You can keep the original piece in reasonable cost. By adopting a painting is also your way of assisting my endeavor of extending charity to Christian Mission.


Joval Kisinamal, the artist

It’s Me. JOVAL CHAVEZ KISINAMAL, the artist.

I grew up in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan. Once a countryside that literally 40 minutes ride away from the heart of Manila. Belong to a common family with seven siblings, (wherein I’m the 3rd) of Juanito Fernandez Kisinamal (a driver and a mechanic in profession) and Rebecca Getuya Chavez (a dressmaker). At the young age of 3, I do really have a great desire and interest in ARTS, especially sketching human figures with different expressions. My interest led me to express my passion even using mud clay if there’s no paper and pencil available. I love watching animations, reading comics, and staring at paintings for the interest of discovering how those artists do their artwork magnificently. I competed in a different art competition and won awards at school. Even up to the division level that gives me a name as one of the reliable artists.
At a young age, I went through hardships and have to work my way up in order to meet my goal and purpose. I study and work at the same time to have a better future. Every person I met and the moment I encounter is important and valuable to me and that makes my youngster life interesting. What I am today is simply because of what I went through in life. I am very much influenced by the techniques of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Frank Frazetta, Fernando Amorsolo, and Juan Luna.

I could never forget my first job. Working as a sample maker/designer in a Handicraft company while studying at night. Then, when the opportunity to work in an animation company (FIL – CARTOONS: A subsidiary company of HANNA – BARBERA TV in the Philippines) knocks on my door I immediately jumped in. Why? From what I saw is the chance to improve my speed and sketching ability. After a year, I decided to do freelance designing focused on advertising designs, such as; murals, t-shirt printing, signage, and portraits. Add to my entrepreneurship is doing designs for some home decor companies. Why do freelance designing? Because, I wanted to finish another course, particularly in the line of education. Because, if ever I come to age and could not perform my best in ARTS I can do another meaningful way to be of value to our society, and for me..i.e., teaching. I and my wife even established a Christian mission school to support less fortunate kids. With this, I shared a substantial percentage of my earnings from my paintings or full-time work to continue this service to Charity Mission. Furthermore, I held my first exhibit “In the Name of Love” last October 19-20, 2012 wherein Agape Christian Fellowship served the beneficiary of 90% of the proceeds.

At present, I’m working as a freelance graphic designer for a company based in Hong Kong, specialized in packaging. With the help of family and friends, I upgraded my skill and added it to my arsenal to use the computer in doing my works of ART.

MOTTO: ” Love what you Do. Do what you Love.”