As an international Filipino artist , this album features all my personal masterpieces. You can keep the original piece in reasonable cost. By adopting a painting is also your way of assisting my endeavor of extending charity to Christian Mission.

Sen. Peter Cayetano

Sen. Cayetano

TITLE: Sen. Peter Cayetano
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Paper Size: 14inches x 18inches
KEEPER: Senator Alan Cayetano
WORTH VALUE: 30,000 php only (Adopted)


Two months ago, our GAPCP (General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the Philippines) Gen. Sec. Rev. Roberto G. Fabia, who is a life long friend since childhood asked me a favor. The favor requested was, if I would take and be able to offer a portrait painting for Senator Peter Cayetano since he’s the guest speaker of the PCP-PTS CAS June 12, 2014 Joint Anniversary Celebrations. Definitely, my answer is yes. This is an opportunity for me to eternalize in painting a noble and God fearing man like Sen. Peter Cayetano and present the gift to him in person. The individuals with me presenting the gift as a token of appreciation for the Senator gracing the event of his presence was; Dr. Azriel Azarcon (President of Presbyterian Theological Seminary College and Advance Studies), Me – Joval Chavez Kisinamal (the artist), Rev. Elimar Eleazar (Emcee Host of the EVENT), Hon. Senator Peter Cayetano, Rev. Roberto G. Fabia (GAPCP General Secretary), Rev. Alexander Landesa (co-host of the event, hidden), and Rev. Cyroe Contreras (GAPCP Moderator).

After the Senator’s speech, we were asked to join him on stage to present the token of appreciation. The moment I unwrapped the gift, the crowd reacted in unison by saying, “woooow!!!” The next thing I realized all the people who have their cameras influx toward us and take souvenir photos. It was indeed very unexpected and surreal moment! A close call to do the work of ARTS is so right and unexpected and to achieve the best and response from all present on the day is indeed heartwarming. God is awesome, for He is the one I called to accomplish and achieve the impossible. My talent, my intelligence, the time spent for accomplishing and all the people around me that gives encouragement and inspiration are all God’s blessing. Thank you God for all the unexpected to make the impossible POSSIBLE. Amen!

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