As an international Filipino artist , this album features all my personal masterpieces. You can keep the original piece in reasonable cost. By adopting a painting is also your way of assisting my endeavor of extending charity to Christian Mission.

Jaime Jorge

jaime jorgeIndeed, the first exhibit in San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines are exhausting but inspiring.

Few weeks later, John Vallejera (friend and partner in Hong Kong Christian Mission) encouraged me to make a portrait painting of JAIME JORGE (a renown international christian violinist in Christian Circle). I haven’t seen him personally though. Thank you for the provision of his personal website I was able to meet him :). Hoping thay my brushes and oil paint would be able to catch his features 99.9%.

He (Jaime Jorge) surprised us for a wonderful concert experience.

In honor to God and acknowledgement of JJ’s service, John and I presented the painting to him. His jaw dropped and couldn’t say a word for about a minute. Then, he approached me and said; it’s just really me and thank you very much! I (Jaime Jorge) am so overwhelmed and I would never forget this day.

For me, all my hopes were answered.

Then, I approached the crowd presented the 4 paintings available. The two paintings are masterpieces by Dong Eludo with titles; ‘Family’ and ‘Street Basketball’ (Acrylic based medium). The other two were my works, namely; ‘No Una Simple Memoria’ (NOT A SIMPLE MEMORY) and ‘Gone with the Wind’ (both Acrylic and Oil medium Mixed). Only 1 painting left (the ‘Family’). Ms. Mariles adopted the ‘Gone with the Wind’ and the ‘Street Basketball.’ ‘No Una Simple Memoria’ went for the keeping of Rev. Doyle Moore. As I always committed, 50% of the proceeds were directed to Refuge Baptist Church Hong Kong in support for their mission program. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

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