As an international Filipino artist , this album features all my personal masterpieces. You can keep the original piece in reasonable cost. By adopting a painting is also your way of assisting my endeavor of extending charity to Christian Mission.

Tranquility Series


In my personal observation, most people easily like and love a scenery painting. Why? Because, not only its images saying a direct message of solemnity, serenity and tranquility, but it provides them an immediate connection. Everyone loves the moment of peace and tranquil a beautiful scenery provides, to get away from the busy and routine route of everyday life. Now, to have your favorite scenery portrait hanging on your wall, though in aesthetic not the same with God’s alive creation, but it gives you the dose you needed in the end of your daily pattern.

However, I believe in every artist eyes, a scenery painting is not just what you notice or recognize right away. We always share something from our soul – a life experience that provides a nostalgic memory and desire. The three paintings in this blog reveals three wonderful experiences of my life journey. I will skip the opportunity to write in detail of the events since I wanted to personally bring you the message I received when i was in the middle of every moment.

1. PASSING THROUGH THE STORM – in life, there’s a time for everything as the writer of ECCLESIASTES explained in Ecclesiastes 3:1-ff. I was inspired to work this piece when everything is hard and uncertain. In my rational understanding what is certain is the challenge of life in front of me and the troubles and pain it brings. However, if you believe in God and work together as a unit… you are experiencing a moment of STORM, you are just PASSING through.

2. BE AT PEACE – the peaceful image of running stream of water inspired me after the storm. In this piece the book of Psalm chapter 23:1-2 is my motivation.

3. THE SERENE LIFE – life is not about wants but needs. There are times we are happy and best, trouble and vulnerable, brave and strong, weak and afraid. Life is a journey. There are heights and mountains to climb, challenges and struggles to face, peace and comfort to enjoy. The serene life is not about what you get, rather, it’s all about enjoying life to it’s fullest morally meaning. When you wake up in the morning as you utter your morning prayer, asking God to bless you and the work of your hands. You accept the challenge and give your best on whatever task or responsibility in front of you. You see everything as a privilege and opportunity and in the end of he day you lie again on your bed thanking Him to face another day. In my opinion, the serene life is a contented is a contented life.

These three OIL PORTRAITS are part of my TRANQUILITY SERIES. God bless you.

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